My Food Log

Keeping a 3 day food log (writing down EVERYTHING you consume in 3 days including those 2 bites of chocolate cake ;)) can be stressful, daunting and even embarrassing. But it can also be a huge reality check! Since my clients have to go through this I thought I would share my own food log for a typical day.

Thursday, May 10th

The first thing I consumed was water. Before, during, and after my 5:30 am workout I had about 32 ounces total.

Next was a post- workout snack of 4 oz almond milk and half of an Oatmega 3 bar,around 6:30am.


Next was my breakfast at 9:15am. A slice of crust less veggie quiche, 3 slices bacon and mixed fruit. Oh and of course coffee! About 10 ounces.



Snack was around noon and was two carrots and the rest of the Oatmega 3 bar.

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Lunch was around 1:30 pm and was relatively light. I had some chicken soup, spinach salad, and a tiny piece of carrot cake (yes, carrot cake! And I don’t regret it) πŸ˜‰


Dinner was eaten around 6:45pm at my 2nd job; pecan crusted salmon, French style green beans and a few pieces of beef sausage. Nom nom.




Not pictured: handful of jelly belly’s around 3:30pm, more water throughout the day, and a glass of red wine around 9pm.

As painful as it might be, try writing down everything you eat/drink for a day. You’ll be surprised what you learn about your eating habits and can make small changes based on that!

Happy weekend everyone πŸ™‚


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