Staying Hydrated

Summer is almost upon us (feels like it is already here) and it is SUPER important to stay hydrated.  The common amount that people think they should be drinking is 8 glasses per day.  8 glasses of 8 oz….  that’s only 64 oz.  In my opinion, this is the minimum you should be drinking.  In the Texas heat you can definitely become dehydrated doing everyday tasks and errands….. I usually start sweating just walking to and from my car!  O_O  And if you are doing any workout throughout the day, especially anything outdoors, you will need even more hydration!


In addition to drinking water, a lot of people think it’s necessary to re-hydrate with sports drinks post-workout.  In all actuality, most people should not be drinking sports drinks that often.  If you are a professional athlete or are doing an endurance type workout (running a half or full marathon, long bike rides) than sports drinks are great and necessary to replenish electrolytes!  Otherwise, sport drinks only provide extra calories that you don’t need.  Consumption should be very limited and should be one of the low-cal options.


One of the best options is the Gatorade G-series FIT.  They have only 20 cals per bottle! Drink post-workout.


Another good one is Powerade Zero… with, you guessed it… zero calories !! 🙂 Drink during and/or post-workout.

Another recovery drink that has been very trendy lately is coconut water.  It has more calories (about 60 per carton for Zico brand) BUT it is a natural source of potassium and electrolytes.  Also, it tastes pretty good !  The same thing goes for coconut water… every once in a while, post-workout.

Overall, my suggestion is to stick with water!  Keep your reusable water bottle at your desk or with you wherever you are throughout the day.  Add a few slices of lemon, lime, or cucumbers if you are finding it difficult to drink a lot.  Keep track of how much you are drinking and make sure to account for physical activity.  Your body will tell you when you need more than water(usually following a super long or challenging workout)…… only then should you supplement with a sports drink.


Enjoy the weekend friends and drink your agua!


2 thoughts on “Staying Hydrated

  1. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who needs this reminder over and over! Not sure but it sure feels like the older one gets the more we must stay hydrated. Do caffeinated drinks count at all? Not even a little bit? ; )

    • yes, coffee and tea do count for something (since they are MOSTLY water) but you still should aim for 64 oz of just plain ol’ water 🙂

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