Mayor Bloomberg ♥

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard that Mayor Bloomberg of New York City is trying to ban all sodas over 16 fluid ounces.  If you haven’t heard…… Basically all regular sodas in restaurants, fast food spots, movie theaters and convenient stores would NOT be available for purchase in anything larger than this amount.  Diet sodas, juices, and milk-based drinks would not be affected by this.  You could still buy the larger amounts in grocery stores or just double up on the 16-oz portions, if you really wanted.

After talking to some friends and reading up on it I have realized…….people are freaking out!! They do not like this one bit.  And it’s not because they want a giant portion of coke but because they don’t like the government to limit their choices.

I can honestly understand this side of things and why people would be annoyed.  They want to be able to make their own choices about what, when and where to consume things.  But in case you haven’t noticed…. The US population does not know how to make choices, especially in terms of nutrition.  Why on earth would you need more than 16 oz of soda at one time? I can think of one legitimate reason….You are having a party and need lots of mixers. Right?

Portion sizes have gotten out of control! When McDonald’s first opened, the only size of soda available was 7 ounces.  When Burger King first opened their small was 12 oz and their large was 16 oz.  Now, the small is 22 oz and the large is 42 oz!!!! And don’t even get me started on Big Gulps! Apparently there is something now called a ‘Double Gulp’  …. it is 64 ounces….and. contains.800. calories. (That is about half the days calories for a small framed woman) From a consumer’s point of view, it has become hard to make good decisions when the larger portion is almost always the better value.  Obviously beverage companies do this on purpose and it’s not right in my opinion.

Now, while I would much rather push for nutrition education and community outreach than just straight up banning something,this is a start! (not to mention, nutrition education alone affects very few peoples’ food choices) Americans need to eat less and need to be more responsible about their portion size choices! Whether we like it or not, banning sodas over 16 oz could be really helpful in re-shaping our health as a nation.  I support this act 100% and think it should be a nationwide change, not just in NYC.

Where do you stand on this?


4 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg ♥

  1. Hip Hip hooray for NYC! If people would choose to do the right thing there would not be a need for any government regulations. Unfortunately, there are so many parents who won’t make healthy choices for the sake of their own childrens health much less for themselves! Yet, people wonder about government spending? So, many ailments, illness and psychiatric states disabling our population requiring government assistance stem from obesity. Portion’s regulated? I say yes! We have to try something!

  2. I totally support the spirit behind the proposition, but I’m in the regulation-is-bad category. People should be allowed to make their own decision about what they consume. Yeah, a lot of them will make a bad choice, but who is anybody else to tell them what to do? It’s the same thing with people who continue to smoke when they know the risks. Stupid, but it’s their decision. Instead of taking away options, why not a proposition that makes these businesses offer more options in the form of smaller sizes? Whenever I order at the movie theater I end up getting the Kid’s Pack because it’s the smallest amount of popcorn and soda available. The next size up? A freaking bucket of soda! It makes me so mad, especially because most people who order that size don’t drink it all. (Trust me, I worked at a theater for 8 years.) I really think that if true small or even medium sizes were an option, people would get them. A lot of the problem is these businesses pushing their sizes bigger so they can charge more, which is another way of taking away options. If the government really wants to do us a favor, they’ll insist that we have more options and then leave us free to choose between them.

    • Actually, the larger portions come out to be cheaper per ounce and since people are all about value and getting a good deal, that’s what they go for. When you go to the movie theater and the difference between the “small” and large is “only 25 cents more!” …..why not get it? It’s more for your money! I think offering smaller options would be good for a very small % of the population, but most people will not go for the smaller sizes. Also, other peoples decisions (bad ones) affect all of us when our tax dollars are having to pay for their healthcare and emergency room bills, so in that case I do think we should have a say, at least in the form of limiting portion sizes! If someone really wants 32 or more ounces of diabetes-causing soda then go ahead and order two of the smaller portions. (although most people won’t because it will end up costing more) 🙂

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