I am available for nutrition and wellness counseling.  I can communicate via email/phone or meet for one-on-one sessions if you are local (or if I happen to be traveling to your location).  I can also provide information and research on any nutrition related topics.

Diet analysis – $45

  • Complete analysis using dietary software
  • You will learn which macronutrients (if any) you are deficient in and which you are over consuming.
  • You will also learn which vitamins and minerals you are deficient in.
  • I will provide recommendations based on these results.

Diet Makeover-$30/hour

  • Diet analysis included (see above).
  • A diet based on the # of calories needed to reach your specific weight loss goals and/or maintain your current weight.
  • Monthly Menus based on determined calorie limit.
  • Healthy recipes based on your food choices or special diet (gluten-free, paleo,etc)
  • One-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Pantry and refrigerator makeovers.
  • Exercise plans and demonstrations.
  • Shared Food Log.
  • On-call phone coaching.
  • Goal-setting and progress tracking together.

*You pick and choose which components you would like and how often (minimum of 3 hours)


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